1) Who was senior class president?
Kathy Crupper
Tami Wensky
Kris Bryan
Trice Meyer
2) Who made the game saving tackle on a last minute extra point attempt to preserve the Bucs 1976 victory over the Freeport Pretzels?
Mike Fish
Chris Benzel
Frank Reynolds
Gary Wartgow

3) Who won the John Phillip Sousa Award?
Kathy Cunningham
Kerry Wenger
Tim Reierson
Trudi Stenerson
4) Who was the only senior on the golf team?
Jim LaPinta
Chris Benzel
Greg Wait
Tim Byers

5) Who taught driver's ed?
Mr. Berry
Mr. Barr
Mr. Johnson
Mr. Mills
6) Who were the pom pon advisors?
Miss Morgan & Mr. Benzel
Miss Beckington & Miss Hinrichs
Miss Hinrichs & Miss Brannah
Miss Brannah & Miss Beckington

7) What was the 1977 varsity baseball record?
10 wins-15 losses
20 wins-5 losses
15 wins-8 losses
25 wins-0 losses
8) Which mascot was not a NIC-9 mascot?

9) Who had the highest free throw percentage on the Bucs 1976-1977 boys basketball team?
Joe Steinkamp
Ken Aspenson
Tim Byers
Ted McGee
10) Who was BHS principal?
Mr. Hooker
Mrs. Johnson
Mr. McMahon
Miss Brannah

11) BHS business teacher known for "my ear neck":
Mrs. Campbell
Mr. Majernik
Mr. Davis
Mr. Lay
12) The English teacher who loved Shakespeare was/is:
Mrs. Anderson
Mr. Waterman
Mr. Kelly
Mr. Kozlowski

13) Who made key free throws in overtime to lift the Bucs boys basketball team over Rockford Boylan?
Cal Johnson
Dean Shattuck
Tim Byers
Kermit Stralow
14) Who had the most activity references in the senior yearbook?
Sara Kolkmeyer
Kathy Moyer
Muffet Flott
Cindy Nelson

15) Who still is a co-holder of the Bucs football record for interceptions returned for touchdowns?
Kim Larson
Terry Frazer
Jeff Poulter
Mark Zierke